A primary goal in physical medicine is to accelerate your body’s ability to heal.  This is often achieved by directing increased local blood circulation towards injured areas. Traditionally, modalities such as e-stim, ultrasound, PRP, massage therapy, etc. have been used.   These modalities are well established and effective.

Class 4 laser therapy helps the body heal quicker in a unique way.   Laser therapy actually delivers energy directly into your cells energy storage units called mitochondria.   The energized mitochondria ramps up the conversion of ADP (energy depleted) into ATP (energy stored).   ATP is the primary energy currency of cells, higher levels contribute to enhanced cellular function and repair.  Increased ATP production along with optimized mitochondrial function allows for accelerated healing time while simultaneously also reducing inflammation. 

· Energize cells...

                                           …heal faster

· Decrease inflammation... 

                                             …stop pain

· Boost cellular immune function...   

                  …optimize cellular recovery

Class 4 lasers are also able to penetrate deeper than other forms of laser therapy.   Measured at up to 30 times more powerful than Class 3 lasers (also called cold lasers or low level laser class 3b), Class 4 lasers are able to achieve in 30 seconds what took Class 3 lasers 1 hour to achieve.  Due to their ability to penetrate deeper, Class 4 lasers are able to reach injuries that were previously less treatable with lower power lasers.    Along with its other unique properties, Class 4 lasers are ideal for injuries to areas with less blood flow such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.  Class 4 lasers are known to help many conditions including..  

Arthritis, Joint Degeneration & Spinal Disc Injuries

Shoulder/Knee/Hip Injuries

Tendon/Ligament injuries which have been less responsive to traditional therapies.

There are many conditions that benefit from Class 4 Laser Therapy, ask if we can help your condition.

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