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    At Edgewater Rehab & Wellness, we place the patient's needs first. Emphasizing communication as a priority, we take time to fully explain your condition as well as all of your management options. We believe that a better understanding of the problem at hand leads to a more efficient process towards healing.    Our job is to be your guide towards better health. We intend to work with you as a team along that journey.  At our office, your questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.

   725 River Rd Suite #102, Edgewater, NJ 07020 

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Edgewater Rehab & Wellness was established with the idea that bigger is not always better.   Dr. Lee established Edgewater Rehab in 2006 with the model of a true, old fashioned family practice.   An office where questions are easily asked.  An office where patients participate in their healing.  An office where...  you would recommend your family.  

Over the years, we've had the privilege of helping numerous community members improve their health.     To those new to our office or community, I assure you that, at Edgewater Rehab, you will be welcomed with a caring ear and a genuine smile.  

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725 River Rd, Suite #102
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